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    You can purchase a light bulb at the nearest electronics store to replace it.

     The fluorescent light is a supply which is free of charge for three months.

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    Our cable has a built-in ground connection. Please connect it to the main outlet or replace it with a grounded outlet.

     You can purchase a grounded outlet at the nearest market or large discount store.

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    Please check the cable and circuit, and call us.

     When the technician comes to fix this problem, 90% of the time this is due to a poor connection of the cable. 

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    Please unplug the power cable, request repair service, and wait until the technician visits.

    (If this is within one year from the purchase date, the technician will visit the site, and if a burnt mark is discovered, this will be considered as the customer’s neglect.)

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    The refrigerator’s cable has a built-in ground connection.

    If this was not connected to the main power outlet, there may be an electrical short.

    Please change it to an extension cable with ground connection or connect it to the main outlet.

    (Ground connection is excluded from the repair service)

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    This occurs when the sensor is disconnected.

    Please check the disconnected part and tape it.

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    Both aging storage and freezer showcase have the circuit breaker in the right part of the back. Please look for it and make sure it is ON.