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    You must clean the radiator regularly once every six months.

    ※ There is an air-condition-looking filter in the machine room, please turn it off and scrub it with a soft brush.

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    The model WS-823RF is a product combining a refrigerator and freezer, and its proper temperature is between -7 and -15.

    ※ For instance, if you set the freezer at -15, the refrigerator automatically will be set at +0-3.

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    As it is a commercial direct type and it maintains the coldness in cold pipes, dew condensation is unavoidable because of the different temperatures between inside and outside.

    ※ The condensation gets worse during the summer. (This is not a failure; therefore, it cannot be called for repair service)

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    Turn off the refrigerator, and open the door for about five minutes. When the edges start melting, use a wide spoon to remove it gently.

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    Lower the temperature after business hours, and reset the temperature the next day in the morning.

    ※ Since the refrigerator’s door is not being opened and closed overnight, the compressor is not working and tends to melt the contents.

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    Because the high-pressure pipes are installed to prevent condensation of the freezer, it is not a malfunction.

    (It can be hotter during the summer.)