Brand identity theft-related guidance

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Brand identity theft-related guidance

"Dominant company" or "dominant" in the current market - countries. This one has been caught stealing or cross product theft cases - including both English title.

We are collecting violations to avoid damaging the business adversely affecting corporate image and brand interaction or damage caused by theft.

All available evidence, including documents such as advertisements with the media, a similar product exhibition / sale, according to various seojeokryu Our Mutual / trademarks, pictures (images) of the product site, date and time, vehicle / pictures around, purchase / sales / order materials such that they can be.

If you infringe, or appear to be false in the Industrial Property Patent No. 228000000000000, Design Law Article 84, Article 95, the provisions of trademark law and the penalties that may be applicable in accordance with the following three years in prison and fines of 20 million won or less, civil and criminal If there is a case for trademark infringement, or theft of the above in the future, so you may have to take on all the responsibilities.

Which is strictly prohibited and will take appropriate measures according to relevant laws and regulations when caught stealing unauthorized unauthorized theft?

Thank you.

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