Email Address Privacy Guidelines

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To be collected and published on this website without permission e-mail address and refused to use technical devices jeonjawoo program or other fun gathering,
Please do this by be criminally punished if you violate noted.

(Including prohibition of unauthorized email address collection action) Information Network Act No. 50 of Article 2
Shall not collect e-mail addresses by using a program that collects email addresses from the Internet homepage automatically doctors refuse to collect the e-mail address specified in technical devices ① anyone else.
Is not collected in violation of the provisions of paragraph (1) e-mail address, to be sold retail ② anyone.
It is not to be used for information transfer ③ anyone know that by the provisions of paragraph 2 and paragraph (1) the collection, sale and distribution is banned email address.

※ If, danghasin If the E-Mail address above please avoid using technical devices to report through the Report of the website ( Illegal Spam Response Center dedicated phone number (1336) or the window.

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