We, Woosung Co., Ltd., will grow as a global enterprise suitable for the 21st century to reciprocate your support.

1993 Oct. Established mother company of Woosung
2000 Feb. Utility model registration (Besides aging storage)
2001 April
Developed digital refrigerator/freezer
2001 Oct. Obtained electrical safety certificate for analogue freezer/refrigerator
Obtained electrical safety certificate for digital freezer/refrigerator
2004년 Marcy
Registered new technology venture company
Obtained Q Mark
2005년 Feb. Began business with Lotteria
2006년 July
Obtained ISO 9001:2000
Established company’s R&D center
2009 April Incorporated Woosung Co., Ltd.
2010 JUN
Established Cheonan Plant
Established Gimcheon Plant
2012 Feb.
Certified Rank 1 of energy efficiency for refrigerator and freezer products
Registered Korea On-line E-Procurement System of Public Procurement Service
2013 Feb.
Gimcheon Plant relocated to Cheonan
Implemented management information system
Obtained the top rate of INNO-BIZ
Signed MOU for academic-industrial collaboration
2014 Feb. Established new management


Patent 1. Cold Tray molding equipment and Cold Tray (No.: 10-2002-0044670)
2. Cold table equipped with storage for kitchen tools (No.: 10-2004-0007726)
3. Fresh fish refrigerator (No.: 10-2005-0004850)
4. Drawer-type cold table (No.: 30-2004-0002963)
5. Switch panel for refrigerator (No.: 30-2003-0018101)
6. Raw beef preserving refrigerator (No.: 30-2000-0025341)
7. Refrigerator for displaying side dishes (No.: 30-2002-0017265)
8. Quick freezer for noodles (No.: 30-2005-0005517)
9. A total of 46 items for other refrigerator products
Certification 1. Rank 1 for safety and efficiency of electric appliance (main digital/analogue products)
2. ISO9001:2000
3. Q-Mark
4. New technology venture company
5. Certificate of R&D Center