About Us

Hello, we are Woosung Co., Ltd. – the leader in commercial refrigerators, freezers and comprehensive kitchen appliances.

As we, Woosung Co., Ltd., are becoming a global company suitable for
the 21st century, we will reciprocate your generous support and love
with the best quality and service.

Management Plan

  • 1. Friendly Customer Care
  • 2. Thorough follow-up service
  • 3. Perfect Quality Management
  • 4. Welfare Improvement of Employees

Business Area

  • - Production and sales of commercial all-in-one kitchen appliances
  • - Domestic and overseas distribution and export
  • - Customer-tailored services

Operation Policy

  • - Global management spirit towards the world
  • - Investment in production of premium kitchen appliance and customer service
  • - Eco-friendly and energy-saving designs to maximize quality satisfaction

Main Products

  • - Commercial direct/indirect table refrigerator, freezer (digital/analogue)
  • - Commercial direct/indirect regular refrigerator, freezer (digital/analogue)
  • - Kitchen meat broth refrigerator (digital/analogue)
  • - Custom-made kitchen appliance